The Manifestos


The 7 CAN Manifestos

Our goal is for all clients and brands to include the CAN Manifestos in all agency briefs and RFPs. And to create ongoing conversations between civil society groups and tech platforms, media owners, publishers, and brands, based on our manifestos.
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Anti Ad-Fraud

The digital advertising ecosystem should be accountable for minimising ad-fraud across trading relationships.

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Ad agencies should ensure that content is as diverse as the society it serves, from research to strategy to media placement.

Informed consent

People should be seen as active participants in, and controllers of, their own online experience.

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Hate speech

Advertisers should take action to make hate unprofitable by eradicating it from their media spendand supporting media that plays a positive role.

Children’s Rights and Wellbeing

Advertising to children should be age appropriate, promote positive messaging and avoid glamorising negative behaviour.

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Advertisers must take the responsibility to ensure they don’t fund mis/disinformation, click-bait and any intentionally misleading content.


The content advertisers create, and the processes by which they are created, should be sustainable and responsibly considered, avoiding creating or funding climate crisis misinformation.

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